Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reasons why I like America

July 13th
            I took my first Italian test today.  I think it went pretty well, but I will find out in a few days I think.  I’m not entirely nervous about it, but I don’t want to completely fail this class.  It’s just really hard to have motivation to study while in Italy.  Other than that, not much has been happening.  We go out almost every night and then take naps every day.  I have made some really great friends and I hope I can keep in touch with everyone after we leave.  This weekend we are going to Pisa and Florence, which I’m SOOO excited for.  I really just can’t wait to shop and buy everyone presents!  I think I enjoy buying other people things more than I like shopping for myself..
            Some reasons why I like America:
1.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a place to eat here between the hours of 12 and 5.  If you don’t eat lunch before 12, then you’re SOL until at least after 5.  I swear Kate and I walked around for almost an hour the other day before we settled for little sandwiches at a Café.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in naps and I love having scheduled nap time, but do they really have to close for so long?  This girl’s gotta eat!  I suppose people have to take long naps because no one goes to bed here until 3 or 4 and the people don’t start going out until midnight.  It’s taking some getting used to, but the three hour naps during the day definitely help!
2.  I don’t have to dress up all the time: I’m a pretty casual girl and jeans and a tshirt are my usual wardrobe.  I think people get more dressed up than that for bed here.  The amount of work these people go through to get ready every day must be a lot.  I’m all for looking nice every now and then, but I usually go for comfort over beauty.  The heels here are crazy too!  I don’t know how the girls do it especially on these streets.  I see 70 year old women wearing 6 inch heels on the cobblestone streets.  These streets are terrible too..I mean I trip all the time and I wear flats and sandals every day.  I guess it’s how they were raised, but man I would have broken ankles every day if I tried that.  My goal is to buy an awesome pair of heels and attempt to wear them out once.  I want to wait until the end of the trip though so if I do happen to break my ankle at least I won’t miss out on stuff!
3.  Air conditioning: I miss A/C and I miss it a lot.  It’s not so bad at night but during the day it’s so hard to be home because of how hot it is, and of course we can’t go anywhere else because everything is closed (see above).  So we just usually sleep through the heat and hope we don’t wake up as nothing more than a big pile of sweat.  These last two days have probably been the worst.  It doesn’t even help to shower because you start sweating right after you get out anyway.  We have learned that it’s best to close the windows in the morning before we leave for class to try and keep the cool air in but it only stays cool for so long.

Other than those three things I can’t think of any reason why I don’t love this place!

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