Friday, July 8, 2011

1st week of classes

July 6th
            So not much has happened since I last wrote.  And by not much I mean nothing that can compare to Siena.  Classes have started and learning a new language is a little overwhelming.  I guess I just don’t have knack for it and it is very frustrating when I don’t understand everything right away.  I feel like a lot of it is going way over my head and I just can’t catch on very quickly.  Hopefully it stars getting better though!  Our teacher is awesome and there are only 5 people in our class so it’s easy to ask questions
            So on July 4th we celebrated by eating McDonalds for lunch and then a huge group of us went to get hot dogs for supper.  We went to a cool bar and ended up staying there all night.  I finally got to talk to my mom, which was awesome!
            Other than that not much else has been going on here.  We’re still trying to figure out plans for this weekend, so hopefully I can give you another fun story soon!

July 9th
            Well our first week of classes is officially over and I survived!  I feel like we’re learning so much in so little time and I have NO motivation to actually study.  I want to learn the language and be able to have a conversation, but it is very frustrating because it doesn’t just naturally come to me.  We are not able to go to Spain this weekend cause we couldn’t find any place to stay, but we are about to plan all our trips for the upcoming weekends.  We do get to get to go to Assisi and Perugia tomorrow for a field trip so that should be a good time.  There is a jazz festival going on there so I’m pretty excited for that.
            I am finally feeling a little at home in Viterbo.  Kate and I try to cook dinner a couple times a week and my cooking skills are improving!  I feel like Viterbo is an ancient Manhattan.  The town is small and everyone knows everyone and the bars remind me of Aggieville, which is awesome.  I feel like we can go walk through town and always meet up with people or meet new people, which is really cool.  One night when we went out to the bars I brought my Josh Abbott band coozie with me and that is my favorite coozie ever!  It goes everywhere with me (yes, even Italy).  Anyway, I was drinking a glass of wine and Daniel had a beer so I decided to let him borrow it for a while.  I kinda forgot he had it and about 30 minutes later I went outside to talk to everyone out there and  I noticed that he didn’t have it on his drink.  I asked him about it, and he ran into the bar faster than I have seen anyone run!  I swear he was gone for a while looking all over the place and asking people for it.  I started to feel bad for him and I had already forgiven him when he came out looking pretty dejected.  But then all of a sudden he reached into his pocket and said it had been in there the whole time!  I decided after that, I wasn’t gonna let anyone borrow it again!  I got that coozie for my birthday and it basically says everything about me.  I know it’s crazy how much I like it, but hey..I’m just unique!
            Today we went to a lake close to Viterbo and had a pretty relaxing day. We got to swim and lay out which was perfect.  It was so hot out and the water was so nice!  I have a feeling we will be going back there quite often.
So other than the lost coozie, there hasn’t been anything too tragic happen. I am getting faster at showering and I can ALMOST take an entire shower without having to turn the water off!  My goal by the end of the trip is to be able to do so.  I am getting used to a small bed and the trash trucks coming by at 6 every morning, so at least I’m starting to feel more at home.  I know these next four weeks are going to fly by and I’m trying to savor every moment I have here.  So far, it has been a great time and I am making some awesome friends!  I miss everyone back home, but I know you will all be there when I return.  This trip is making me want to explore all of Europe because I probably won’t leave Italy while I’m here.  I never realized how much there was to do just within Italy so I guess this means I just have to come back a lot!

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