Thursday, June 23, 2011


Instead of packing and cleaning and doing the million things that I still have left to do, I'm reading and blogging...oh well

So I've said goodbye to everyone in Manhattan, and that was the easy part.  Sure, I was sad that I won't see my friends for six weeks and I know I'll miss out on some great times in Aggieville...buuttt I'll take Italy over Aggieville- at least for a while.  The hardest goodbye will come tomorrow at 8am.

I know it's corny and people make fun of me for it a lot, but my dog is the closest thing to a child that I will have for a long time.  I haven't spent more than 4 days away from her since January 7th, and I thought that was difficult.  Every day I had to call and ask how she was doing.  She is there all the time.  I have had to worry about her for the last 6 months and to give her up for 6 weeks is going to be painful.  My biggest fear is that she won't remember me when I get back.  It makes me sad that she will be so much bigger and almost out of puppy stage.

I made the mistake of reading Marley and Me again. It's bad enough to read it at all, then add actually having a dog and on top of that having to leave her.  I've already cried while reading and it hasn't even got to the sad part yet...I probably shouldn't finish this one on the plane ride.  I don't want to be that crazy lady that no one wants to sit next to, so I'm trying to finish it before I leave...I have no doubt in my mind that I will.

Don't worry once I dry the tears from my eyes I will post again after I say goodbye to Straiter and before I leave the country..that one should be interesting.

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  1. Cool blog but so sad of a post! Take care and good luck to you. good for you.

    Sara Brown