Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Capri, Gelato, and small hotel rooms!

            Today we went to the gorgeous island of Capri.  I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful views.  We took waayy too many pictures with Julie’s camera that I will be stealing and uploading.  We took a ferry from Serrento to Capri and the first thing we did over there was swim in the Mediterranean.  It was so hot already and swimming was the perfect way to start the day!  The beaches weren’t sandy at all, but they were perfect.  We found some cool rocks to hang out on and dry because none of us were smart enough to bring towels of course.
            After swimming we decided to walk around a little and see what the island was all about.  Capri is a very rich so all the shops were pretty expensive and they had all the designer “high end” shops.  We found the most AMAZING gelato after walking for a while..I had the strawberry and chocolate.  We decided we wanted to go to the top of the world so it took a while to figure out how to get there but we made it on our own!  The top of the world is a chair lift to the very top of the island and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the view was.  I will upload pictures but I know I won’t do it justice.  It literally took my breath away and I found myself just staring so much because it was so beautiful.  We got a glass of wine and sat at the little bar and just took everything in.  On our way back we decided that we were very hungry and Jackie and I were really craving hamburgers.  We found a little café right when we got off the ferry in Serrento and decided to order some hamburgers.  Well when they came out these hamburgers were sausage patties on tortillas…yeah I’m not sure either.  It didn’t really taste all that bad but we were pretty disappointed because we wanted a real American hamburger.  Oh well..I guess that’s what we get in Italy.  After coming back from Capri I crashed and took a two-hour nap, which helped so much.  I am ready to go tonight!  We got invited to a wine bar with a live of course we are going to hit that up!  I bought my first bottle of Italtian wine and I decided that I’m going to bring that one home and drink it in America.  I’m sure I will be bringing back numerous bottles, so everyone will get a little taste :)

            After eating gelato every night since I’ve been here I decided to talk about it a little.  Everyone knows how much in enjoy ice cream (and chocolate) and if you don’t then obviously you don’t know me very well.  Well gelato is made a little different from ice cream- from whole milk, sugar, fruit, or different flavoring; and most of all, it’s amazing.  I don’t know if ice cream will ever taste as good as REAL gelato.  Now there is real gelato and then there is what we like to call “push pop gelato” which is still decent, but just not the same.  Push pop gelato comes in little tubes that look like pushpops (shocking right.)  They put it into a little machine and push it out into a cone.  It looks really cool but it just doesn’t taste the same as the real stuff.  Last night we went to a little store that had home made gelato and I got the coffee and chocolate.  It might have been the best thing I have ever tasted.  Anyway..all this talk about gelato is making me crave some, so I either need to stop talking about it or leave to get some..but I have more to write so I think I will just get some in a little while!

Onto hotel rooms-  Hotel rooms in Italy are TINY. When you walk in you have two beds that are bunked and then two twin beds that are pushed together.  I have one of the beds that pushed together.  There is enough extra room to store our luggage and to walk through to the door, but if someone happens to be opening their luggage, bending over, getting dressed, might as well just wait.  There is about 2 extra feet of walking room between our beds and the door.  We do however have a pretty sweet balcony!  The bathroom is pretty decent, but the showers are small.  This one I am at least able to wash my hair in, but shaving my legs was quite the production.  I guess that’s about the best visual I can give about hotel rooms.  I might take a picture and upload just to let everyone see how packed in there we are.  I am so excited to move into our apartment and not be living out of a suitcase!
            I think that’s about it for this evening!  I’m going to upload some pictures to facebook!

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